Social Business Models Don’t Matter

Name one thing in your organization that has worked that didn’t have an owner or champion. If your social business strategy has some utopian ideal that can be dispersed across all parts of the organization and everyone will just magic it you need to quit and start over. Seriously.

You don’t have a single group in your organization that operates independently now. Everyone needs information from other groups so saying that social is no different isn’t a breakthrough and can’t be your strategy. Social has already changed every group in your organization. That don’t need responsibilities they need help and guidance.


Mission control, centralized, hub and dandelion. Whatever. That shit is just a picture on a slide. You need to know how what you want your company to look like and accomplish in there communication. Then determine what role social plays in that. Then figure out how and when Suzy gets her part to Bob so Jill can incorporate it and Billy can measure it.

Your organization probably already knows what it wants to be and do. Social is a part of that. Just a part of it, your model is already created. Don’t focus on the model, focus on the people in the model.