3 Ideas for Spokesmen for Social Content

Finding spokespeople that work for your organization’s social initiatives is as important as them being right for your tv commercials. Great ones like Dennis Haysbert or Dean Winters’ Mayhenm for Allstate for blank can make a brand resonate with us. Making spokespeople visible on social can be a key to having a great brand experience. This might be as simple as choosing an athlete with a massive twitter following over an athlete who doesn’t. It could be as complicated as testing how their voice would work during a Twitter account takeover.

Here are my top 3 untapped spokespeople for Social.

Any Olympic swimmer for Gillette…Swimming and the lack of body hair go hand in hand. Social content about their pre race rituals, which would include shaving, have the opportunity to be very shareable social content.

Any middle America Volunteer Fire Department for anything manly…This could work well with longer term social involvement than just a campaign. Having regular content about how these real, capable, community oriented men and women use anything from trucks to boots could bring authenticity to any brand if the content is produced properly.

High school chemistry teachers for anti-drug campaigns (Thanks, Breaking Bad)…Imagine if every high school chemistry teacher in America self produced a 20 second funny video about how horrible meth is and they all released them on the same day.


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