How to make social content shareable

Shareability is what makes social work. Creating content that your community wants to share is at the core of every social media success story. So what makes some pieces of content more likely to be shared than others. It is five things.


Visually Interesting or Pleasant
In these age of Twitter card and Pinterest content MUST have a visual element no matter how awesome the text is.

It has to matter to the audience. This is self evident but I bet for one reason or the other your brand has shared something boring.

Surprisingly Informative and Believable
These two seem to be opposed but keep each other in balance. Free is a good example. Pappadeuxs offering free dinner is¬†surprising¬†and you would want to be informed of this. A timeshare condo reseller offering free Pappadeuxs isn’t believable, we know there is a hidden cost of high pressure sales

So we are feel pressure to be witty and brilliant. Just make sure you aren’t so witty that no one gets the jokes.

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