Cotton Bowl TV Ads Have Picture in Picture

A big step forward in multiscreen anti-time-shift TV watching happened tonight. Fox kept a small picture in picture window showing live sideline shots when they took a commercial break. Sponsors like Chevy (client),  Ford and Dr Pepper filled the white space created from re-sizing with a branded graphic.


The next step is to integrate in game social conversation in the white space, hopefully with cooperation from the brands’ social channels. Great job Fox.

2 thoughts on “Cotton Bowl TV Ads Have Picture in Picture

  1. Indeed – social next. People would definitely hang out and soak up more advertising with a hook like chat. There could even be some good commentary in the chats about the ads (pro/con plus recommendations about the product/service). You never know where the conversations could end up.

    Question is: Will the advertisers have the cajones to jump in?

    • Hey Phil,

      I think the increased value it could bring to those big TV dollars is worth the risk.

      And, there are ways to moderate real time conversation.

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