10 Marketing Trends For 2010 | #3yearsago

In January of 2010, Susan Gunelius (@susangunelius) identified 10 marketing trends for Entrepreneur magazine. She predicted that these trends would impact 2010 and beyond. That has been true for almost all of her list but for three points in particular: 1. transparency and trust are paramount; 2. less interruption, more enhancement and value-add; and relationships rule.

10 Marketing Trends for 2010

Her last point was “Integrated marketing trumps stand-alone tactics”. I think this is something most big brands still struggle with. Lots of progress has been made in aligning different disciplines for big events or major campaigns but most organizations still struggle in between those key times. We have to be able to be flexible. Social is always on, make sure your the people in your organization think about how your brand is visible every day, not just when some big is happening.

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